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Immovable King Zhao Wuji (3)

January 17, 2013

Da Master had one simple comment on the tool martial soul of seven-treasure glass tower, ‘the strongest supporting martial soul in the land, the best friends of fight soul masters.’

In the six signals of martial soul church, one of the three that was not on Da Master’ s writ, one of them is seven-treasure glass tower. It can be seen how famous this Clan is among the soul masters.

Ning Rongrong stuck her tongue out, said,’ stop looking, I am no different from normal people, I escaped from my family. Let us first pass this test. I have two soul rings, can add speed and force to everybody, I can add about 30% to you for an hour glass’s time. ‘

30% is quite good improvement, but Tang San knew that the reason the seven-treasure glass-tower is the strongest one among the supporting martial soul, is that every single soul ring would add one more property to improve, and it will improve 10% more for every property.

That meant if Ning Rongrong’s soul force was above lvl 30, then she could improve one more property and improve everything by 40%. When she was lvl 70 she could improve 7 different properties, each by 80%, which is quite horrifying.

With such a soul master supporting, it almost improve oneself by 100%.

Anywhere in both empires, as soon as soul master from the Clan showed up, all parties would fight for them.

But the improvement from this martial soul could not add, so two soul masters with this same martial soul can only improve according to the high-lvl one.

The biggest weakness was it could not attack at all, and needed protection from fight soul masters. But there are never lack of protectors of people from this clan. And there are two titled warlock among them. The Clan was definitely among the top three in the land.

What kind of effect would there be after lvl 80 or lvl 90, only the kernel of the clan would know, which was always their secrets.

Dai took a deep breath, ‘it is a good combination between four of you, no overlapping system. you can decide for yourself how to resist Zhao’s attack. ‘

Tang San thought, and said,’ Ning Rongrong will be in charge of supporting three of us,  Xiao Wu is the main attacker, I will control his attack and help Xiao Wu to attack. Zhu Zhuqing, please use your speed to drag him behind from the side. ‘

The other three nodded and agreed with his suggestion.

Within such a short time, they could only take simple strategies and could only tell the effect in the real fight. They had never faced such strong opponent before, they could only know how crazy the opponent was after they started fighting.

‘are you ready?’ Zhao Wuji’s voice came by, as four people turned to look, the hour glass was running out.

‘teacher, we can stars,’ Dai nodded to Zhao Wuji and stepped aside to look. Although it was very unequal, but seeing Zhao Wuji to fight was a good lesson for him, who was also a force-type attack soul master.

Zhao Wuji stood up and grabbed his hands, and a range of noise of bones immediately increased the pressure.

Zhao Wuji flipped over the hour glass and Ning Rongrong already started her move.

‘seven treasure turned, glass appeared’ she turned in a circle on the ground, and rainbow colored light came out of her. Where the light concentrated, a rainbow colored tower appeared in the palm of her right hand.

The light shone and it was very noble. Ning Rongrong smiled and looked as if from above. two yellow soul rings rose and circled around her.

‘Seven treasures have names, first is’force’ The first soul ring rose and wrapped the tower, and as she was pointing using her left hand, three light beamed out and covered the other three people.

Immediately, warm energy came out of everywhere, and they felt they were full of force.

Zhao Wuji stared at Ning Rongrong surprisedly, ‘good lord, there was one from the seven-treasure glass clan, good good, Frend would be excited this time. ‘

‘Seven treasures have names, second is ‘speed’ another three rays of light beamed out, her second soul ring was in use.

Tang San felt his body lost weight and became lighter and appraised in his thought, ‘no wonder the first supporting martial soul, speed and force increasing 30% together made him feel he is much stronger. ‘

Just at this time, Zhao Wuji moved, not towards the four people, but he squatted and hit the ground with two fists.

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