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Immovable King Zhao Wuji(4)

January 17, 2013

‘crap’ , Tang San realized what Zhao Wuji wanted to do when he started.

Da Master had said once, if once he fought with opponents with seven-treasure glass clan soul master, he should get rid of that one at the first moment.

Zhou Wuji’s attack was not just to Ning Rongrong, but he apparently released the area attack to interrupt the support effect of her glass-tower.

A navy long vine swung out, without needles, because it was only given the effect of Tang San’s first soul ring. The long vine wrapped Ning Rongrong’s waist and she was pulled up to the air as Tang San jumped up.

‘hong’ the ground shook once, a yellow dust wave came towards the four students on the ground.

Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing reacted fast. Xiao Wu jumped in front, Zhu Zhuqing ran from the side and avoided the shake.

‘Xiao Wu, go.’ Tang San said and pushed with two hands in front of his chest.

Xiao Wu did not even have to look and know where his hands were. They were together six years and could cooperate with each other perfectly. Her feet tips touched Tang San’s palms and with the pushing from Tang San, she flew toward Zhao Wuji like an arrow.

Attack is the best defense. At this time being beaten up and let Zhao Wuji to use all his strength, they could not have any chances at all. Maybe using attack as defense could buy them some time.

Zhao Wuji found his fists patting on the ground did not have any effect. He smiled, however. As Xiao Wu was rushing on him, he did not hide and put his hands behind his back and made an expression that said, ‘ go ahead, attack me as you wish.’

Xiao Wu of course would not let such a chance go, she curled together and rolled towards Zhao Wuji, and only stretched up when she was in front. In a blink of time, she already attached her martial soul, and stepped on the sides of Zhao Wuji’s neck.

‘Pang,Pang’,  Xiao Wu’s two feet stepped on Zhao Wuji’s shoulder and made large noises. But Zhao Wuji did not even shake a bit, and smiled,’ seems lack of strength, little girl.’

‘no strength?’ Xiao Wu thought,’ let me show you some strength then.’ Her feet seemed to be stuck to Zhao Wuji’s shoulders, feet tips turned inward, on the veins of Zhao’s neck and twitched her body and turned in the air.

If it was only Xiao Wu’s strength, she would not be able to move Zhao Wuji, but it was not her who was attacking now.

Zhao Wuji found all his body tight, and the vines with needles entangled his body, wrapped him all up from legs and arms. The vines tightened up and the nerve-type poison was released. The vines from the ground pushed him up, and made his two feet leave the ground.

However big a person’s force is, he could not stabilize himself if he did not have anything under his feet. Zhao’s body turned in the air with the help of Xiao Wu’s feet. Now, his body was wrapped all over with Tang San’s blue silver grass, he looked like a navy blue big dumpling.

With the support of Ning Rongrong’s seven-treasure glass tower, either Tang San and Xiao Wu used soul force more than lvl 30. Xiao Wu’s body turned fast in the air and then she flipped backward and moved Zhao’s body with force.

she pushed the ground with her hands, and used a scissors-foot. A normal’s person’s neck would be twisted broken, and arrived on the ground with head after the last throw.

Xiao Wu applied the full force on this throw with the big angle backflip.

‘It is fun to make some turns’ said Zhao Wuji. Xiao Wu found her body stopped from quick spinning and her feet could not lead the opponent underneath her feet and she felt a large force to bring her body back from backfliping.

Peng, all the vines on Zhao Wuji were broken and flew all over the place. He stood on the ground steadily with two feet again.

At this time, Zhao Wuji’s expression changed and roared, his body started to inflate. The muscles increased by almost 100%, and he seemed also to grow by a meter. looked majestic.

seven soul rings rose up, two yellow, two purple, three black, seven horrifying soul rings around him.

At the same time, ‘dingdingding’ a wave of intense crispy noises were heard behind Zhao Wuji, and Xiao Wu made use of the chance, and tipped on Zhao Wuji’s shoulder, and her soft body slid down along Zhao’s back, and her braid, like a snake wrapped Zhao’s ankle, and she exerted force using her whole body.

The noises was from the attack of Zhu Zhuqing.

When she started to blink out, she used all her speed, no wonder an agile-attack fight soul master, her speed was faster than Dai Mubai, the most terrifying thing was that she did not make any noise at all, she rushed out and attacked in silence, no energy released, no soul force made noise in the air.

Dai Mubai had blade-type tiger claws when his martial soul was attached, while Zhu Zhuqing had cat claws that looked like needles after her martial soul attached.


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