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Immovable King Zhao Wuji (5)

January 19, 2013

After the martial soul was attached, Zhu  Zhuqing’s both eyes changed color. Left eye became dark green and right eye became bright blue, her long hair was along her back. Her movement brought a series of phantom. It was hard to find out where exactly she was. Her sharp claws attacked the fatal parts of the body, Zhao Wuji was forced to release his own martial soul.

Zhu Zhuqing controlled the time she attacked very brilliantly. It was exactly when Zhao Wuji used his force to break Tang San’s blue silver grass and dragged Xiao Wu back and had the weakest defense.

However, after Zhao Wuji also attached his martial soul, the effects of Zhu Zhuqing’s attack was very limited. Zhao’s body felt like iron and steel. Her full force attack could only pierce through his clothes.

It was first time Xiao Wu’s flexible skill failed. No matter how she applied her fore, she could not move Zhao’s body even a bit. Even if she was flipping back, and grabbed the joints of Zhao’s legs.

Xiao Wu was anxious but she could not do anything with her opponent.

It was not that Xiao Wu’s flexible skill not strong enough, it was because Zhao Wuji’s ability restrained her. her first skill was only useful after she controlled her opponent’s body with her flexibility and produced the effect of kill in second. But now her force was too far away from Zhao Wuji’s. Even with Tang San’s help, she could not control Zhao Wuji. Unless her soul force could be close to Zhao, or else, her skill was the worst against the soul masters like Zhao who focused on strength.

The blue silver grass was broken and Tang San’s face turned pale. But he did not hesitate and rushed forward. More vines appeared on Zhao, and stopped him from attacking for a couple seconds. That was blue silver grass’s second skill, parasite.

Making use of this couple seconds, Tang San became in front of Zhao Wuji, and Zhu Zhuqing appeared behind his back. One cat claw went for the throat and one went for the end of the ear, both were weak points of body.

Tang San also waved his fist at Zhao’s chest as Zhao was still wrapped up by the blue silver grass.

Zhao laughed out loud and was not in a hurry to get rid of the blue silver grass and stuck out his chest. Apparently, he wanted know how much force Tang San had.

But he quickly stopped laughing, because he realized surprisingly that the fist that Tang San seemed to wave with all his force was actually a trap. It barely touched his chest, and since he was focusing his soul force and stuck his chest out, he had a feeling that he was using the force wrong.

Tang San and Xiao Wu’s force was not enough to move Zhao’s body. But it was a different story if it was his own force.

Tang San’s fist suddenly became palm, and he used the dragon catching way to lead Zhao’s body forward. Then he kicked Zhao’s feet, even if Zhao had more soul force, he finally lost balance.

With his dragon-catching skill, Tang San used his and Zhao Wuji’s force together to move his body.

‘Up’ Tang San roared, and he suddenly lifted Zhao’s body up.

‘Xiao Wu.’ Zhao’s body completely left the ground, Xiao Wu’s skill had chance to have effect.

Two long legs wrapped around Zhao’s waist, two hands grabbing his ankle, first soul ring shone and she turned three circles in the air with Zhao’s body and made him knocking to the ground with head first.

Although Zhu Zhuqing’s attack did not damage Zhao, but it interfered with his reaction. Three people together finally finished one attack.

A thick vine wrapped Xiao Wu’s waist as Zhao’s body falling on the ground and took her up and safely falling on the ground aside.

Zhao’s gigantic body after martial soul attached knocked on the ground heavily, such that the whole head was in the mud.

Xiao Wu floating down onto Tang San’s shoulder, using her arms to keep herself steady, she started to breathe hard. She used all her force at that throw.

‘Xiao San, is that possible that we attacked too aggressively?’ Xiao Wu was anxious.

Tang San shook his head, ‘Zhao has not used any soul skills.’

He glanced at the hourglass, only a third of the time had passed. But in the attack before hand, the three people used all their forces and all the methods they knew.

Tang San retrieved the blue silver grass parasitizing on Zhao Wuji. He could not afford his opponent breaking the blue silver grass again. Although it cost little force, but if broken many times, it was still a bit cost of soul force.

Zhao propped his arms and dug his head off.

Before they did not look at carefully, and now they saw how Zhao looked like after the martial soul attached.

Zhao’s whole body was covered by a layer of thick brown hair and he was 2.5 meter tall. All the muscles burst out and the brown eyes looked overbearing. And seven rings moved around his body.


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