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Tang San’s Dark Weapon (1)

January 19, 2013

Zhao Wuji’s two hands became thick and heavy, looking more like two giant fans made of staws.

As Tang San said, before Zhao did not use his soul force. Before Zhu Zhuqing found his weak points to attack, he did not even think about to attach his martial soul.

For a lvl 76 soul saint like him, several twentyish da soul masters were too weak. He was only playing with the kids, and stretching his body.

However, careless is always costy. Because he did not consider his opponent carefully and also the three people actually had more than lvl 30 soul force with the support of Tang Rongrong’s seven-treasure glass-tower and their perfect coordination without previous practice made the immovable king at a disadvantage.

Zhao Wuji pat the dust of his head, and said angrily, ‘ This is really the eagle hunter got picked on the eye by the eagle. It seemed I have to be serious with you guys. Mubai, what are you laughing about, come to fight with me tomorrow for your class. ‘

‘Uh’ Dai was laughing secretly at Zhao’s dust covered face, and immediately stopped after the warning.

‘kids, let’s continue’ Zhao took big strides towards Tang San and Xiao Wu. Their coordination certainly left a deep impression.

‘Xiao Wu, human meteor hammer.’ Tang San said.

Xiao Wu touched Tang San’s shoulder once with her feet tip, and flew out again. This time not hands first, but feet first and kicking towards Zhao’s head.

At the same time, tens of blue silver grass coming out of Tang San’s body and wrapping towards Zhao.

Zhao lifted his hand and patted on Xiao Wu. But unexpectedly, Xiao Wu’s body changed directions before she reached him and of course, he missed. Xiao Wu skimmed on the side and kicked his shoulder.

The so called human meteor hammer, was a new version of the dark weapon meteor hammer. With blue silver grass’s wrapping, Tang San could control Xiao Wu’s body to move agilely and attack. It was pity that Zhao’s defense was too strong. Also he did not dodge much but it was not easy to move his body.

Normal dark weapons have four types, hand thrown, machine shot, rope, or medicine spit. The meteor hammer belonged to the rope type, although it lack of the secret, but the special effects were its character.

Zhao Wuji was also surprised by this attack and looked serious. These kids would become his students, if they continued to beat him up, he would so much face that he could not teach them any more.

Zhu Zhuqing was not taking it leisurely. As Zhao Wuji rushing towards Tang San and Xiao Wu. Both her two yellow soul rings shone and she accelerated towards Zhao silently. Her body was in the air and curled up into a ball and moved towards Zhao in a quick spin.

Within her curled up body, we could only see a lot of claw shadows. It washer second soul ring skill, pluto hundred claws. she could attack hundreds of times at the same location in a very short time interval from her quick spinning.

The time Zhao Wuji was kicked by Xiao Wu was also the time Zhu Zhuqing’s hundred claws knocked his back. The claws were like a quickly spinning gear, cutting Zhao’s back.

‘Roar’ Zhao’s eyes looked cold and clutched his fists. the first yellow soul ring lit up.

Strong golden light exploded, Zhu Zhuqing was bounced to the air and made a terrible sound.

Dai Mubai appeared underneath her with a quick speed and put her in her body and found she passed out already and her two arms fell off the locket of the joints as well.

Xiao Wu was hurt as well, she kicked Zhao Wuji, and her body was just lifted up by the blue silver grass, and Zhao’s attack arrived. Although she was not close to Zhao’s body, she was still shocked to the air. Tang San’s blue silver grass, close to his body or not, within three meters, all bounced back, some of them broken.

Three hurt noised were made almost simultaneously, Zhu Zhuqing was damaged the most, then Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu spit out a mouthful of blood and her sour body was brought back by blue silver grass and fell into Tang San’s body.

Although Tang San was hurt the least, only shocked through the blue silver grass, but he lost control of himself because Xiao Wu was hurt.

Zhao Wuji used his first soul ring skill, the body of immovable king. although it was only a hundred year soul ring, but it was used with lvl 76 soul force, enough to attack and defend and hurt the coordinate attack of three people.

This was the true strength of a soul saint.

Ning Rongrong was very anxious. The hourglass only half passed. Her seven-treasure glass-tower could pump properties, but could not heal. She only had two soul rings, the support was just that much. She could not do anything.

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