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Tang San’s Dark Weapon (2)

January 19, 2013

Zhao Wuji’s speed suddenly became fast. He seemed to be in front of Tang San with one step. He raised his big palm and the second soul ring lit up and laughed. His palm became golden and the volume increased 100% and he patted on Tang San.

Xiao Wu was still in Tang San’s arms. He could not use her to block this palm, so he dragged her out of the way but he lost his chance to dodge.

At this time, Xiao Wu’s second soul ring lit up, her eyes became bloody red, staring at Zhao Wuji directly.

Zhao Wuji felt dizzy and was surprised, which slowed down his palm, the soul force was also weakened. ‘good, you even have succubus’s skill.’he said, and his eyes turned golden.

The red light from Xiao Wu’s eyes met with golden light from Zhao Wuji’s eyes. She immediately faint in Tang San’s arms without making a noise, blood coming out of her mouth and nose.

Tang San almost subconsciously used this chance and walked in his ghosty steps and got out of the area of the attack.

Zhao Wuji’s palm did not really fall, he did not want to hurt this kids.

‘Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu’ Tang San called anxiously, and put Qi into Xiao Wu’s body but Xiao Wu did not react at all.

Zhao Wuji stopped attacking, standing there and said, ‘ she was fine. the effect of succubus was good, but his soul force was too weak comparing with mine, so her soul force went back to bite her. This is the only result. Like the poison of your blue silver grass had also no effect to me, she would recover after a night’s sleep.

Zhao Wuji turned to Ning Rongrong, and smiled,’ I dont have to attack more, right? little girl from seven-treasure glass Clan. You lost. You guys are still too wimpy. could not even stop me for an hour glass. this is the difference in strength. ‘

Tang San held soft Xiao Wu, raised his head, he looked emotionless.

he turned and walked towards Ning Rongrong, ‘ excuse me, help me to take care of Xiao Wu for some time.’

Ning Rongrong was taken aback, put away her martial soul and put Xiao Wu in arms. Although her martial soul was to support. But soul masters all have soul forcer, stronger than normal people, so strong enough to hold a girl.

Giving Xiao Wu to Rongrong, Tang San turned and walked towards Zhao Wuji.

“What? you still want to continue? you probably could not take one of my attacks, my second soul ring skill great force king kong palm was not easy to block”

Of course he would not refuse the four to get in Shrek School because the hourglass was out finished. Quite the contrary, he was very pleased with their strength. Not only every one of them was special, the coordinate was also well above average without practicing. They were very promising, and at least as strong as the three students in the school now.

He was harsh with the comments because he did not want to the kids to be too proud of themselves. There were examples before that students were too proud and advanced slow. Zhao Wuji did not want these good kids to walk the wrong way. But he did not predict Tang San would walk back, it was brave of him.

Tang San shook his head, ‘ i was not going to continue the test right now. ‘

Zhao Wuji was disappointed, ‘that means you agree you lose?’

Tang San shook his head, ‘ No, I just hoped to fight with you seriously. Start over everything, another hourgrass, If I could survive, please allow all four of us to enter the school.’

Zhao Wuji looked at Tang San, could not tell he was smiling or not, ‘ what if you could not? dont forget, you guys just lost, with four of you.’

Tang San could make decision for himself, even for Xiao Wu, but not for the other two, he turned to look at them.

At this time Zhu Zhuqing’s arm was put back and she was also awake but felt weak. She did not want to stay in Dai’s arms, but she could not stand by herself.

Ning Rongrong smiled, ‘Tang San, we are teammates, from i am young my dad taught me I should not desert my teammate. Worst case we left together, we already lost the test. The school at the capital would not refuse us. ‘

Zhu zhuqing seemed to lose the force to talk, but she nodded.

Although the first time to meet, but the trust of the friends game Tang San a lot of force, he turned and said to Zhao, ‘If I lost, we would leave together. ‘

Zhao Wuji looked at the kids, liked them even more, and laughed, ‘good, let me see then, what tricks you hid to survive my attack. you wish is granted. ‘

Another hourglass started.

Tang San stood there and focus his Qi together. At this time, he did not want to hide his strength any more. Xiao Wu losing conscious stimulated him, and he blamed himself for it. He did not protect his sister well.


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