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Tang San’s Dark Weapon (3)

January 19, 2013

Although he first met Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing, but their trust made Tang San to show them his full strength. He did not know why, but he always trusted Dai, the guy who had more soul force than him.

Tang San also remembered a sentence from his memo book, dont ever try to pretend you are a pig and try to eat a tiger, or else it is easy for you to really turn into a pig.

Now he truly understood the meaning. If they did not face a teacher from the school, but an opponent, then Xiao Wu would probably die. And he did not use his unexpected tricks yet, he would regret for his life. so, he decided not to hide, and he also wanted to prove how good he was through fighting with this immovable king.

Without improvement of force and speed from the seven-treasure glass tower, he felt himself more heavy, and two arms shaking. He tried to make himself get used to his status, and his hands turned jade white. There seemed to be Qi flowing between his fingers. He lowered his head, so his opponent could not see his purple eyes.

Zhao Wuji felt Tang San’s change, although he did not increase his soul fore, but he felt danger even being a soul saint.

A lvl 29 kid could make him fear? Zhao did not believe and used his first soul ring skill, immovable king’s body and stepped towards Tang San. He was not fast, but steady, every step forward, the ground would shake with it.

‘Be careful, Teacher Zhao,’ Tang San suddenly raised his head, and the purple light lit up in his eyes. Zhao was scared by his purple eyes and his steps were slowed. After all, the succubus attack using eyes were the hardest among similar skills. He was almost at a disadvantage versus Xiao Wu.

Very quickly, Zhao realized that Tang San’s purple light in his eyes was not attack. As Zhao slowed down, Tang San’s hands lifted up on his side.

‘chichichichichichi’ tens of cold light came out of Tang San’s ten fingers, all going for Zhao’s two eyes, two shoulders, throat, heart, two knees, lower body, and stomach. None of them overlap, and all picked the fatal parts.

The noise they made scared Zhao. Among all his abilities, he was not very agile. After martial soul attached, although he was faster but because he was too big, and his defense. he always chose the head-on method to fight.

Facing these uninvited guests, Zhao reacted fast, two bear paws one up and one down blocking eyes and his lower body. He roared and used all his soul force in the immovable king’s body.

After shooting all those things, Tang San did not stop, but used his ghosty steps and stepped backwards.

All the things hit Zhao’s body, but all bounced back in the golden light and did not really hurt him.

Tang San was surprised, he shot ten bone pins were among the larger ones in the small dark weapons. with his Qi and the property of piercing for the pins, did not bring any wound to Zhao, which showed his defense was abnormally strong. No wonder Dai said he did not have weak spots.

he turned, and another tens of cold lights were thrown out.

No weak spots? so called no weak spots means everywhere was weak spot. As long as he opened one spot up, he would get his chance.

He continued back up, and his hands were like butterflies in the flowers and threw one after another thing towards Zhao, all fatal parts.

Zhao was more surprised than Tang San. He had never face opponents like this. If they were same level of soul force, he knew he would already lose. Tang San’s dark weapon was not only accurate, but also attacking several places at once, hard to dodge.

Leafy blade, locust stone, gold coin darts, all kinds of dark weapons blossomed in Tang San’s hands. Some flew straight, some flew tilted, some went to the back, but they all have one goal, which was Zhao’s body.

Zhao realized that all these dark weapon could really pierce, if he did not use his immovable king’s body, he could get hurt.

But as he touched a lot of them, Zhao believed he knew the attack ability of these dark weapons, and with golden light of his immovable king’s body, he rushed towards Tang San.

As Zhao coming towards Tang San and raising his gigantic palm, Tang San did not fluster. He backed up quickly, and blue silver grass grew to block Zhao’s way.

The blue silver grass were not strong enough to stop Zhao, but could slow him down. The entanglement everywhere, each time only one branch wrapping his feet, on one hand slowing him down, on the other hand saving his own soul force.

With the help of the blue silver grass and the ghosty steps, although Tang San was not faster than Zhao, but Zhao could not catch him, quite a few times, the great fore king kong palm fell on the air.


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