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Tang San’s Dark Weapon (4)

January 19, 2013

After the first round of dark weapon, Tang San did not use more dark weapons to attack, he was just running around in the place, and dodging Zhao’s attack.

The reason Tang San asked to fight Zhao Wuji himself, was because he was afraid the dark weapons could easily hurt others and also because he could have more room to dodge.

All the speculators looked with eyes straight, especially when dark weapons flew out of Tang San all the time. They were surprised. and felt cold. They found, it they were Zhao, they would already get hurt.

Tang San had all kinds of dark weapons, and the flying directions were very strange, it was very difficult to dodge.

Even from seven-treasure glass clan and seeing a lot and knowing a lot, Ning Rongrong did not know which attack method it was from but could feel they were strong.

The hour glass was losing sands every second, a third was already gone.

Zhao stopped his steps and laughed,’ you little monkey, quite slippery, wanted to hold off until the time. Not that easy, the third soul ring skill, gravity increased. ‘

Zhao Wuji’s third soul ring, the purple thousand soul ring expanded, but did not give skill to his body, but float down, entering the ground below.

Suddenly, Tang San felt his two feet in the mud, his body became heavy, as if his weight just doubled, and Zhao was apparently not affected, still took big strides towards him and smile was in his eyes, seemed to say, where are you going to run away this time.

Good skill, with the help of the gravity, Tang San’s speed decreased, although ghosty steps were tricky, but he could not quite dodge the attack any more. several times he was in danger of being hit by the great force king kong palm.

Zhao Wuji glanced the hourglass next to him, which was half way though, he became anxious as well.

He was the immovable king, but spent so much effort facing a twelve year old kid. He would be a laugh in other teachers’ eyes. He would take this kid, but it was time to end the test.

His fourth ring lit up. The fourth soul ring flew out and caught Tang San’s body as if it had eyes and wrapped Tang San up.

What’s the meaning of that? Tang San was scared, but that soul ring did not bring any negative effect to him.

Zhao laughed, ‘it was time to end, you could force me to use four soul rings, we will accept you any way. ‘

As he finished, he jumped from the ground with his thick and strong legs.

Tang San immediately changed his position, but he found with surprise that Zhao Wuji in the air could change his position as him and still fell towards him.

He did not know, that was his fourth skill, location tracking, as long as locked by his fourth soul ring, then within hundred meters, he could reduce the distance in an instant with the jump.

This skill might be so so for other soul masters, but it was the best for force-time Zhao Wuji. He could reduce the distance between his opponent and himself, he could use his attack easily. He only used his skill to finish the fight fast.

Tang San knew he would have to advance his plan.

He saw that he could not avoid Zhao’s body falling to him. He decided not to dodge, as  he saw Zhao’s falling, he used his second soul ring skill, parasite.

When he was using the blue silver grass to prevent Zhao’s attack, the seeds were already hidden there, now he initialized them, the blue silver grass out of nowhere wrapped Zhao in the air up.

It was the instant right before Zhao would reach the ground, so he could not attack him immediately after falling.

Tang San raised his two hands, “zhengzheng”, six sleeve arrows came out of his sleeves and shot on Zhao Wuji’s face.

Zhao had good defense, but the sudden arrows still scared him. He used his immovable king’s body again, the golden light spread out, he got rid of the blue silver grass, and shocked the six arrows away.

What is Tang San good at? Now, it was not the dark weapon thrown with hands, but the pit typed dark weapon he started a whole life in the other world.

The sudden arrows scared Zhao to sweat, although his immovable king’s body shocked the arrows away, they still made him feel his face hurt.

Tang San used his dragon-catching way to borrow Zhao’s force to jump back, and dodged the palm.

He shrank his arms and used his chest muscle to emit a rain of steel needles and they were immediately facing Zhao who was rushing towards him.

Tang San was a master designing his pit-typed dark weapon. The dark weapons he designed did not eat switches, it could come out just with the movement of the muscles, made them harder to be avoided.


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