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Oscar’s Big and Small Sausage (1)

January 20, 2013

‘Still not over.’ Zhao Wuji was angry and decided to teach this little porcupine a lesson. He used his right hand to protect her face and patted on Tang San’s chest. Of course he did not use that much force, but he wanted to revenge a bit to make himself feel better. He already took back his skill gravity squeeze, or else Tang  San would be squeezed to death.


Tang San was knocked out by Zhao Wuji’s palm. He flew backward and spit out a mouthful of blood.

He racked his brains for the previous attacks, used up his thoughts and Qi and now he was close to the status of candles near the end of its life, could not take this palm. It was good for him that he did not already faint.

Dai Mubai put Zhu Zhuqing on the ground, and caught Tang San who was flying backward.

Zhao Wuji thought that was just another dark weapon of Tang San’s and it should be easy for him to block that hammer. But when the hammer touched his hand, he felt it was different.

The small hammer was heavy, although Zhao used his soul fore in time, but he was careless first, and with the snake’s poison and the pain on the body, he did not have enough defense.

The hammer hit the palm, and palm hit the face, Zhao Wuji had his nose broken, with the swipe of the palm, his face was like a cloth dying store. The whole person was dizzy. That hammer immediately disappeared after hurting him.

Tang San was supported by Dai Mubai, and coughed another mouthful of blood. Although he was badly hurt, but from the surface, nobody would think Zhao Wuji win.

Of course, this was not the evidence that Zhao was not strong enough. He was fighting with a student, and had to control himself to avoid really hurting Tang San. And he wanted to know to what extent tang San can do. He was also strong in force and not good at tracking. In addition to the sudden appearance of Tang San’s dark weapon and accurate calculation, thus Zhao who took his opponent lightly was at such a disadvantage and lost his face. If it was fight for real, Zhao Wuji only needed to directly activate his fifth soul ring skill, Tang San would immediately get killed. The difference in strength is a lot.

If it was just test, Tang San would not fight as if he did not care about his life, but Xiao Wu’s faint made him crazy. He exploded under Zhao’s pressure. Not to say the people here, even Xiao Wu had never seen Tang San fight like this.

Dai Mubai looked at Zhao Wuji with blood on his face, wanted to laugh but did not dare to and yelled,’ Oscar, Oscar, come over, you have business.’

Use soul force to spread voice out, as long as he was in the school, everybody could hear.

Many years later, after the number one among the Shrek seven monsters evil-eyed white tiger Dai Mubai became famous, when he was asked, who was the most horrifying among the Shrek seven monsters?

Dai would answer without hesitation, it is flexible bone warlock Xiao Wu. The reason is simple, he was the against scale of thousand hand warlock Tang San. (against scale: one of the scales of dragon, it was said that dragon would go crazy if somebody touched it). It would be fine if somebody offended Tang San, but if somebody offended Xiao Wu and made Tang San angry, then, horrible things would happen. Tang San would not be thousand hand warlock, but thousand hand Ares.

Dai Mubai was lusty but he never offended Xiao Wu, because he was smart, and he did not face Tang San in anger. And all this was because what happened now reminded him.

“where is business, where is business?” Oscar’s soft voice quickly came and he immediately appeared in front of everybody.

Maybe because he was very anxious, he ran even without his cart.

‘Xiao Ao, come here.’ Dai Mubai yelled.

Oscar ran over, ‘ You are calling me?’

Dai nodded,’ Quick, make some sausages, they are all hurt. ‘

Oscar was greatly pleased, ‘ five copper coin for one. do not forget to pay me, I have a big sausage, ‘ a sausage immediately appeared with the weird incantation.

Dai looked at Tang San’ eat, his words are disgusting, but his sausage has good effect, this is the sausage with the first soul ring, can increase the speed you recover. ‘

The sausage is ok, but Tang San thought of that incantation and had the feeling to throw up so he waved his hand, ‘ I was ok, just out of breath. I would just rest a bit, give his sausage to somebody else. ‘

Then he sat with leg crossed and practiced his Qi.

Tang San did not eat, does not mean other people would not eat, for example, somebody who lost his face.

‘Oscar, come over, big sausage, small sausage, i want one each. ‘

Zhao’s voice was blurry. It was not a big surprise, he controlled the poison so that it did not spread, but his tongue still swelled after he bit the arrow.

Oscar blinked, ‘who are you? how did you come to our shrek school and know my name. ”

‘basterd, you want punishment? I am Zhao Wuji. ‘ Zhao was angry a lot, one breath went into the wrong tube, he almost threw blood up.


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