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Oscar’s Big Sausage and Small Sausage (2)

January 20, 2013

Zhao got such a worse of it, he just wanted to repair his wounds and threatened the kids not to pass the story to other ears.

‘Uh, ‘ Oscar wanted very much to ask how Zhao would turn like this, he was clear about Zhao’s strength. But he saw Dai’s warning eyes, as a smart guy, he put away his surprise as if nothing happened, and gave his big sausage to Zhao Wuji and said another incantation, ‘I have a small sausage.’

Although Oscar did not look wretched, but after he said that, he couldnot look more wretched.

A sausage only as big as a pinky appeared in his palm and he handed over to Zhao.

Zhao immediately eat both the big and small sausage, looked much better.

Dai constrained the desire to laugh and walked back to Zhu Zhuqing and immediately received a cold stare.

Zhu Zhuqing was badly hurt, but apparently she was warning Dai, if he would allow the wretched big sausage uncle took his sausage over, he is going to die.

Dai spread his hands, and shook his head,’ no worries, i would not let you eat his that things, i would be jealous.’

Zhu Zhuqing looked even colder and she closed her eyes, without looking at Dai Mubai.

After eating Oscar’s sausages, Zhao looked much better, His clothes was already damaged in the fight, he tore one piece down and wiped the blood of his face.

Oscar’s big sausage was to heal, and small sausage was to dispel abnormal status. They were both very useful. the numbness from the Merinda snake gradually disappeared but he still felt great pain. he lowered his head to see and found quite a few spots of his skin bumped up, looked like a few walnuts, and that was where the pain came from .

‘Teacher Zhao, did we pass?’the only complete student, Ning Rongrong, pointed behind Zhao and asked.

Zhao turned, the hourglass was already over, ‘ fine, you pass’ now he did not remain and became a laugh.

‘Wait a moment, teacher zhao. ‘ At this time, Tang San said with his weak voice.

He seemed better and stood up from the ground.

‘small porcupine, what else you have? you already passed,’Zhao looked at this youth, he liked him and hated him. although he made him lose face and with all these light wounds, but his ability promised himself as a monster among the monsters.

Tang San said, ‘sorry, I was too impetuous, but your strength was too strong than me, i have to do everything I can , I should help you to take the dark weapons out of your body, or else, they would affect you in a bad way. ‘

The ten dragon beard needles hidden in Tang San’s nails were all on Zhao’s body,the bump was not easily dealt with. Because it was naturally formed from gold hair, it could be sucked out by magnets. And it already curled up, even Tang San himself did it, he had to do it fast, or else if they went deeper, Zhao would have to cut them off.

It was good that Zhao’s defense was impressive, and Tang San did not have much Qi when he used it , so the dragon beard needles were only at the skin. or else, if they got inside, it would not be saved.

Zhao looked better after hearing him and also turned red, after all, he was a soul saint, and facing a kid used up to fifth soul ring, that was bullying the weak. But the little porcupine was something, those all kinds of attack made Zhao open his eyes.

Tang San came to Zhao and first confirmed the position of the dragon beard needles, and found they were all at the skin, he was released.

After fighting, he was not angry any more, and also regretted, Zhao was teacher, not enemy, he did fight too heavily. Of course, at that situation, he could not reserve anything.

His hands turned jade again, fingers pointed few points around the wound, and used the dragon-catching way to pulled out a gold needle.

Zhao Wuji was suffering, the gold needle curled up in his body with his skin and muscles, now pulled out, the pain made him convulse.

After Tang San could take out all the needles, Zhao was covered by a layer of sweat. he was brave, did not make any noise.


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