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Oscar’s Big Sausage and Small Sausage (3)

January 20, 2013

After Zhao ate another sausage, Zhao’s wounds became healed and it did not hurt that much.
Tang San used up his soul force again. This time he did not say anything and fainted, good that Oscar was next to him and held him.
Zhao was strong, all the wounds were on the surface, he was back to 90% of himself very quickly with the help of the big and small sausages.
Looking at Tang San in Oscar’s arms, he frowned, ‘Mubai, you are in charge of the admission of these four new students. tomorrow the school is open. Tang San’s weapons on the ground should be left alone, some had poison. he had to clean it up himself after he was awake. ‘
he turned after saying this.
After seeing Zhao Wuji walking away far, Oscar took Tang San to Dai and made him leaned on the wall. he looked at Tang San, and then looked at Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu who fainted in Ning Rongrong’s arms. and said, ‘ what is wrong with Teacher Zhao? In his period? what he was doing with a few new students?’

Dai was not in a good mood, ‘ why dont you see it louder, better if heard by Zhao. Now he must be really angry and did not hold how to let the anger out. Period? I saw you had your period. thirty days a month. you can rest one day in big month, and have to owe two days in Feb. ‘

Oscar said ‘ dont say like that ok? girls are here.’

‘f**k off, you big sausage uncle. I am going to put them away .’

Dai picked up Zhu zhuqing from the ground and ignored Zhu’s cold eyesight that was trying to murder him.

Oscar looked at Dai and then looked at Ning Rongrong, ‘why you all hold beauties, but i hold a guy. ‘

Dai said, ‘that was determined by our moral quality.’

When Tang San woke up from the sleep, it was getting dark. He opened his eyes and found he was in a wooden house.

It was not big, only 10ish square meters, besides his bed, there was another bed, Oscar was sitting on the bed and was murmuring something.

‘where am I?’ Tang San lost some of his voice, and felt empty in his stomach.

Oscar answered,’ it is our dorm. You will live with me. You are Tang San, right? You are really strong today, even Zhao was at a great advantage fighting you.’

Oscar blinked and looked excited.

‘Where is Xiao Wu? How is she?’

‘no worries. she was ok, she lived with that beautiful Ning Rongrong and would recover in one night. That Ning Rongrong was hot. ‘ and he swallowed.

Tang San supported himself to sit up, it was a big mistake to be lazy after using up Qi. if not recovered in time, he might lose his cultivation.

‘Yo, Tang San, we are roommates from now on. let us know each other. I am Oscar lvl 29 tool soul master. martial soul : sausage, nickname sausage seller,you can call me sausage seller oscar, or you can call me Xiao Ao. ‘

Tang San smiled, ‘ i thought it was big sausage uncle?’

‘what’s that? I will shave tomorrow, and let you see the most handsome version of me. several beautiful girls came to school i would not be so dispirited. Dai seemed to like the icy girl. you have Xiao Wu, i should be after Ning Rongrong.

‘Xiao Wu and I are friends.’ Tang San frowned. he did not get used to the way Oscar talked.

Oscar smiled wretchedly, ‘ ok, stop pretending. we are all guys, who does not know who, i could not believe it, you this young already got a cute girl, nothing happened on the way here with just two of you? Dai said you fought like that because Xiao Wu was hurt. Who would believe you are just friends? Put your heart back in its place. I am a principled man. It was said that friends’ wives are welcome, no, it was friends’ wives should not be bullied. I would not have opinions towards your Xiao Wu. ‘

Tang San did not know what to say, he was lazy to explain and started to practice.

Shrek School became quiet at night. There was no other students passed in the morning’s test. Only four of them, and it was the most the school had ever taken.

Zhao as the vice president had his own house, now he was not happy in the room.

He changed into clean clothes, and all the wounds were healed. they were nothing, but his spirit was hurt.

He just wanted to stretch out at first, but he lost face like that. If it was before, he would kill Tang San immediately, but now he was the teacher, Tang San was the student, he had to swallow the anger.


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