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Oscar’s Big Sausage and Small Sausage (4)

January 20, 2013

In the same time, he appreciated Tang San a lot. From the talent, Tang San might be stronger than Dai Mubai, but his martial soul was too weak. Or else, he could be a strong person rarely seen in the world.

He held his right hand into fist and knocked into his left palm, ‘ counted as my bad luck, how come i met such a little porcupine, it seemed i should teach him well later. Jade would not become good tool without being sculptured. ‘ he looked evil when he thought about that.

‘Zhao Wuji’ just as Zhao Wuji thought about how to ‘teach’ Tang San later, a strange voice froze his smile.

He was a soul saint of lvl 76, among the higher ones in the whole land of soul masters. His soul force was strong enough to form a field around him, and he could tell a leaf falling within 100 meters of him. But he did not feel there was person around him and the voice went directly into his ears. it seemed somebody was talking in his ears. Zhao had to be alarmed, he did not know the voice, but he knew he was not weaker than himself.

‘who?’ he stood up. he was notorious when he was out in the world and quite a few foes. he lived quietly hiding in the school and could not know that such a strong opponent appeared here.

‘you come out.’

Zhao Wuji came out through the window without hesitation, and raised his soul force to the peak and guarded with care and looked for movement around.

Who is Zhao Wuji? the immovable king, a guy who killed a lot in the past, taunted by stranger like that and the anger he had in the morning made him really angry. He rushed towards the smell of the opponent and was out of the school soon and was in the middle of a forest.

‘come out, i know you are here’ Zhao Wuji yelled. He attached his martial soul and seven soul rings moved around his body.

A black shadow walked out from behind a big tree. The whole person was covered in black clothes, even the head had a black mask. It could only be told he was tall and big.

‘who are you?’

The guy in black did not answer him and said, ‘ seeing immovable king in this small place, i just wanted to practice fighting with you, i did not stretch my body for a long time. ‘

As saying, the black guy raised his right hand, a black light formed in his palm, and turned into a huge tool. nine soul rings appeared on him. Two yellow, two purple five black. The nine soul rings were not moving, just stayed and covered his body. Nine soul rings were horrifying themselves, the last one even turned slightly red.

If Da Master were here, he would know that there was difference between black soul rings, the one that from ten thousand soul monster would not be the same from the one that came from ninety thousand soul monster. The slightly red, meant that soul ring was at least ninety thousand year.

After saying the nine soul rings, Zhao felt cold water was spread on his face, and shook hard as if he were cold. As a soul saint, he knew the difference between high level soul masters. Beyond lvl 60, not to mention a status, even a lvl would mean a big gap of soul force, it seemed there was only lvl 20 difference between him and the guy in black. but he knew the difference between him and the stranger was probably larger than how much he was ahead of Tang San.

‘titled warlock.’ Zhao Wuij’s immovable king’s body was shaking after saying these words. He might be higher lvl of the soul masters, but titled warlocks were at the peak.

Zhao bowed immediately, ‘please let me know which elder arrived, please do not joke with me. I was not a match to practice with you. ‘

The guy in black said, ‘nothing match or not, did not you enjoy bullying those kids in the morning. i found it felt nice bullying others let me bully you. of course you could also think I was bullying the weak because i am the strong. ‘

The guy in black with the gigantic tool walked to Zhao one step after another.

Zhao began to think hard, the titled warlocks in the land could be counted by fingers. This one apparently had tool marital soul. There were very few tool martial soul that was practiced to titled warlock. Who is he?

Suddenly, he stopped 10 meters in front of Zhao Wuji,’ since you are here, come out, one and two, is there any difference?’


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