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Oscar’s Big Sausage and Small Sausage (5)

January 20, 2013

A person appeared next to Zhao Wuji. Zhao seemed relaxed after this person appeared, ‘boss, this one is…’

he waved to Zhao and stopped him from talking and released his martial soul as well.

A giant pair of wings came out of his back, the whole body was covered in feathers. His pupil became vertical in his orange eyes, seven soul rings came out and moved around his body.

‘pleased to meet Crown Haotian,’ he did not intend to fight and greeted the man in black politely.
Zhao took back his breath, he finally knew who this guy was, and his heart shrank. When did he offend this horrible guy. This is the guy known as the number one strong guy in force, titled warlock. it was the same direction of the development with Zhao, but Zhao’s force compared to him, was like the light of the firebug.

The guy in black, ‘ no greetings needed, i am coming to get trouble. owl martial soul, lvl 78, Frend, fighter from the former golden iron triangle. This Shrek School is yours.’

Frend nodded, ‘yes, Crown. I do not know how Zhao offended Crown. Could you let it go?’

The guy in black said, ‘ stop talking, stand aside, or else i will beat you with him. Zhao Wuji, I will give you a chance, i dont use martial soul, if you can survive an hourglass long, i would say nothing and turned away, or else, you would need to do something for me. ‘

Zhao Wuji smiled bitterly, ‘Crown Haotian, I dont know what i offend you, can you say it clearly first.’ he wanted to die with understanding the reason.

But Frend immediately stood aside and apparently did not want to help Zhao at all.

The guy in black said angrily, ‘ do i need to tell you? you beat up the little one, of course the old one will come back to ask you to pay for it. that is the rule everywhere, fight.’

The black guy’s big tool and all the nine soul rings all disappear, but next instant, he was in front of Zhao Wuji.

‘pengpeng, honghong, ah’

The noise of clashing, the voice of pain filled up the forest.

No hourglass needed, the whole fight was done in about ten breaths.

The guy stood with hands behind him as if nothing happened, not even a wrinkle appeared on his black rope. The poor Zhao was lying on the ground on his tummy, his head swelled by a circle, two eyes turned black, and blood appeared at his mouth and he was breathing very hard.

‘Zhao Wuji, did you understand?’ The guy said.

Frend came over now finally and supported Zhao up. Surprisingly, Zhao’s face was with appreciation, ‘ thanks for the lesson from Crown Haotian’

The guy in black nodded to him and said something to them in a low voice.

Zhao Wuji and Frend nodded, and looked serious.

‘The thing just happened was your compensate, what happen in the future have to rely on you. ‘ The guy in black was not cold any more, still quiet, but it seemed a bit of warmth in his eyes, and then he disappeared.

Zhao Wuji stood there did not move with Frend for a long time, he could only stand with his support.
‘Frend, you are really lack of brotherhood code, he said you stand aside you stand aside. if Crown did not mean badly, my corpse would be cold now.’ zhao complained.

Now they both took back their martial soul, an old guy stood next to Zhao Wuji. if Tang San and Xiao Wu were here, they could recognize, this old guy was that stingy merchant from whom they got the plate crystal with 200 gold coins.

Frend said, ‘what did you know? if he meant badly, add me on, you think we dont need to die? have you heard of his name. he would even beat up the pope, what would he be afraid of. he already said if he won he would ask you to do something of course he would not hurt you, or else how could you work for him. how come you did not understand that, but, could not believe he was…’

Zhao Wuji smiled bitterly, ‘of course i saw, you dont want to anger him, but i was beaten up so much, couldn’t i get to complain. but his force was so horrible. even without martial soul attached, i was far from being his opponent. I see, his soul force is probably over lvl95, close to lvl100, probably not many people could fight with him in the whole land.’

Frend,’ none of these titled warlock you wanted to fight. you are lucky this time, let’s go back, although you looked miserable, but you got a lesson from him, you probably benefit a lot. ‘

It was getting really deep in the night. none of the students in the school knew so many things happened. But the piggy face of Zhao’s would not recover that fast any more.

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