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Tang San’s Dark Weapon (5)

January 20, 2013

With the needles, also came an aroma like tea. The aroma mist made Zhao felt faint, and the defense of immovable king’s body was also reduced. At this point, he felt the pain at the chest and when he looked, he found the needles actually passed the defense and pinned at his chest.

The pain with numbness passed to his brain through the nerves.

‘poison’. Zhao was surprised and used his immovable king’s body again, and got rid of the steel needles. But the poison already passed through his body after entering the perspiration system and also transported by the blood.

Tang Clan did not just have dark weapons. It was also famous for its poison. Although Tang San did not have chance to collect poison these years, but he did not waste the poison of the Merinda Snake. He gathered the poison from its fang and put on the needles. It was very effective. The dark weapon on his chest was also one of those could break through the protective Qi. named shoot shadow with sand.

Of course, Zhao’s defense was still too strong. All the sixty four steel needles could only break through the skin.

But that was enough, although Merinda Snake’s poison was not enough to make Zhao lose his defense, but he had to use part of the soul force to prevent the poison to spread out. this gave Tang San more breathing time.

However, the slowing down of Zhao did not make Tang San run away more, he rushed towards Zhao and ten very tiny golden light twinkled in the air. If not paying attention, nobody would even notice them.

As a somebody good at dark weapon, it was very important to find the perfect timing for the dark weapon. Tang San did it by choosing the time when Zhao Wuji knocked out the steel needles and had his defense lowered.

With the help of the monstrous purple eyes, Tang San could see clearly the opponent, and could even see the strength of the soul force around Zhao’s body. That is the major use of the purple monstrous eyes, to find the weakness of the opponent.

The ten things passed through the defense forcefully and touched his body and dug in.

Zhao Wuji felt several parts massive of pain. Even his nerves are strong, he shook his body because of it.

‘You.’ Zhao Wuji became a bit angry, and roared, the fifth sou ring, the black one lit, the roar made the whole school shaking.

Tang San felt pressure coming from everywhere, and his body rushing towards Zhao Wuji without his control. The pressure seemed to be able to squeeze juice out of his body and he could not resist it.

The fifth skill, gravity squeezing pressure.

Would Tang San yield now? Of course not.

He lowered his head, and a seven inch arrow suddenly shot out of his back and going for Zhao’s big mouth. It was crazy that he could be still so accurate when he was under control of other people.

tight back arrow, medium arrow, using back muscle to eject, only one. But as it is bigger, and more force from the pit, it was destructive, way beyond the sleeve arrows.

At the same time, Tang San’s two feet knocked together, three inches blades came out of his feet, and he kicked Zhao’s throat and his groin. Although at a disadvantage, he still counterattacked.

The arrow travelled fast, it was before Zhao lifted his hand, the defense was broken by the arrow and it shot towards his mouth.

In anxiety, Zhao made use of his fighting experience as a soul saint, he closed his teeth and bit the arrow.

Although he bit the arrow, his teeth was shaken and a sweet taste came from the arrow, and made him dizzy.

There was only one such arrow, of course Tang San would made an essay on it. The arrow was actually hollow, and the poison from the Merinda snake was in it. If the arrow was into opponent’s body and was squeezed, the poison would spit out. Although the arrow did not enter Zhao’s body, but his teeth squeezed it, the poison came out again.

Zhao spit out the arrow, and used his hands to defuse the attack from Tang San’s feet. And now Tang San was squeezed to his front by the gravity.

‘Are you a porcupine?’ Zhao roared, but because of the poison in his mouth, it sounded more unclear, like murmuring.

Not to mention after coming to the school, even before he was among other soul masters, he was never at such a disadvantage, he was going to explode soon.

However, Tang San’s attack was not over, who knows when, a hammer appeared in his left hand, dark black little hammer, after Zhao avoided the kicks, he used his hammer with his left hand, and waved to Zhao’s face.


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