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Evil-fire Phoenix (1)

January 21, 2013

Early morning. Tang San woke up early, practicing purple monstrous eyes was what had to do every day, and also he had some other things to do .

It was not bright yet when he walked out the dorm. He recovered his Qi after a whole night of sleep, following Oscar’s direction, he went back the place yesterday and picked up his dark weapons.

It was not easy to make them, he would not give up them easily. Especially the arrow from the back and the poisonous needles, cost him a lot of time to make.

It was great most of the dark weapons were there, he put away them quickly.

He armed himself up during the years in Notting City, and yesterday’s fight was the first time he used his dark weapons.

At this time, Tang San was thinking about what he gained from yesterday’s fight. Zhao Wuji’s defense was amazing, he was not fast and did not use all his force, or else he would have no chance. what could he do facing strong people like that in the future?

He knew he was not good enough at dark weapons and he could not improve it in one day or two. the first few dark weapons in the hundred  dark weapon book all need strong Qi to support. If he had to fight stronger guys with his current Qi, he had to depend on stronger pit-typed dark weapon. Top three of them were Buddha angered Tang lotus, hurricane pear blossom needles, and peacock feathers.

But these were too hard to make, and the requirement of the material was also high, it was impossible to make with current situation. And he did make them before in the other life, had experience, but he needed at least of year for any of them even if he could find the material without trouble.

He sighed and shook his head, it was not realistic to build those three dark weapons. his only way out is to practice more to increase his current dark weapon’s attack, also he needed to make more poisons.only the snake poison was too single.

After he picked back all the dark weapons, he jumped onto one of the roofs and practice his purple monstrous eyes.

The pressure also was motivation.After the fight, he found his soul force was about to break through lvl 29 to lvl 30. After he got into lvl 30, he could go to hunt a third soul master and got one more soul ring, and then he would be improving fundamentally.

When the Sun rose, Tang San was back to dorm. Oscar was still sleeping, when he was awaken to ask for the location this morning, he was dripping even.

‘Xiao Ao, wake up. ‘Tang San pushed Oscar.

‘what let me sleep more.’ Oscar said in his sleep.

Tang San frowned, ‘wake up, not early, dont you know the whole day starts in the morning?’

Oscar opened his eyes, and looked at Tang San’ i am different you fight, i am food-type tool soul master, did not have practice like you. please let me sleep more. ‘

‘then you first tell me where is Xiao Wu. I wanted to know if she recovered. ‘

Oscar said, ‘you came out and turned left, about 30 meters. was where Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong stayed. but I have to warn you, the school has rules that boys cant harass girls. or else you would be punished. our school was a third of the village, the rest are for the villagers, dont go to the other side.’

Shrek School did not have money indeed, the school was built on the place they rent from the village. The dorms were the huts of the villagers. They could buy stuff from the nearby Sutow City.

Tang San left the dorm, although he was hungry, but Xiao Wu was more important.

Soon Tang San was outside Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong’s dorm. If it was just Xiao Wu, he would go directly in since they lived together for a log time, and they were siblings, but now there was another girl.

Tang San hesitated, and decided to call,’ Xiao Wu’

Not for long, Xiao Wu walked out, she was in the same clothes, a bit pale, but looked well.

Tang San saw her and relaxed,’ Xiao Wu, how are you?’

Xiao Wu shooed him, ‘Rongrong was practicing, let’s go to talk on the side. ‘

He did not know why, but he found Xiao Wu was looking at him different, but he could not tell exactly.


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