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Evil-fire Phoenix (2)

January 21, 2013

Xiao Wu woke up from the faint at the midnight. Ning Rongrong worried about her and was awake next to her and told her what happened afterwards.

Tang San mussed up her hair, ‘ yesterday was my fault, did not protect you.’

Xiao Wu shook her head, and stuck her tongue out, ‘ it was him too strong, how can i blame you, this is very different from where we were before, seemed everybody was strong. good that nothing like a soul warlock. ‘

Tang San was surprised, ‘how did you know there was no soul warlock here, Zhao was only vice president, maybe the president was soul warlock?’

Xiao Wu was taken aback, and said, ‘i guessed, soul warlock probably would not stay i such a small place and stay quiet. ‘

Tang San did not doubt her and took Xiao Wu’s hand, ‘let’s find something to eat, you are probably also hungry.’

‘ok, I am’ Xiao Wu nodded, and she became like before, and held Tang San’s arms.

They were both new here, and fainted yesterday after the fight. they did not know the school and just looked for food to see where the cooking smoke was from.

The village was not huge, and they were out of the school before they knew it.

The school was still quiet, but the villagers were busy. The peasants started working when the Sun was out. They needed to grow crops.They did not know where to get breakfast from the school, they decided to buy something from the villagers.

they were about to find a hut to buy something and found a guy and a girl was quarreling.

Neither was old, the girl was maybe 14 or 15, plain looking, but looked young, wearing simple, probably from the village.

The boy was even younger, seemed Tang San and Xiao Wu’s age. Not tall, a bit chubby. short hair, small eyes, he had mustache, like mouse’s mustache.

The girl looked at the pangpang one, and looked afraid, ‘Ma Hongjun, please dont come to me any more, I am not going to be together with you.’

the pangpang one said, ‘Cuihua, am i bad to you? why are you breaking up with me?’

Tang San and Xiao Wu looked at each other and found smile in each other’s eyes. kids now really loved early. This young and already talked about breaking up. They both stopped and watched from the side.

Cuihua’s face turned red, ‘you are good to me, but i cant bear you, we are not suitable, you can find other people. also I am several years older than you, please dont come to me again. ‘

Pangpang Ma Hongjun was angry, ‘what do you mean you cant bear me. dont understand what you chicks think about. ok, we can break up, have it once more with me, i will break up with you or else, no way. ‘

As he was saying, he dragged Cuihua.

Cuihua was like a bunny running back, but the pangpang one was faster and dragged her hand.

Cuihua begged, ‘please, please, let me go, are you a person or not?’

Xiao Wu could not watch it more and jumped out, ‘stop.’

The pangpang one and Cuihua was both taken aback and looked at him. Pangpang’s eyes blinked,’what a beauty, you want  to be my girlfriend next, ok, i agree. ‘

‘ you are farting, ‘ xiao wu was angry and kicked his hand, ‘ you hobo, this young and did not learn good. are you going to rob girls under the Sun?’

Pangpang looked dark, ‘this is our problem, none of your business, dont be a dog who catches mice. if you dont want to be my girl, go away.’

‘you..’ As Xiao Wu was about to fight, Tang San appeared in front of her.

‘You are Ma Hongjun, right, please do not bother this girl.’ he did not want Xiao wu to fight and he felt he was not simple.

Ma Hongjun said, ‘what kind of a thing are you? dare to mind dad’s business, want a lesson, right?’

Tang San looked angry, ‘whose dad are you?’

Ma Hongjun’s mouse’s moustache moved, ‘who mind other people’s business, I am whose dad’

Tang San moved, even if he had good temper he could not be insulted like that, he stepped ghostly, and kicked to pangpang’s chest. He controlled his force, if he was a normal person, it was just going to knock him over, if he had something special, he would also kick harder.

As Tang San guessed, pangpang was not simple, seeing the kick, he actually met it and used his fists to block Tang San’s foot and purple light around his body, apparently had soul force.

Tang San’s kick stopped in the middle of air, and changed to stomp, on pangpang’s belly.

Pangpang reacted fast, waving his fists down, knocking onto Tang San’s foot.


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