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Evil-fire Phoenix (3)

January 23, 2013

‘Peng’ Tang San took back his foot and backed up, pangpang one also stepped back. They were very close. Pangpang’s soul force seemed to be only a little less than Tang San.

Pangpang said,’ so you are also soul force, no wonder you dare to mind my business. now i will let you see what is strength.’

As saying, he roared, ‘phoenix attached.’

As they heard ‘phoenix’, Tang San and Xiao Wu both felt a chill. Among animal martial souls, there were a few extremely strong. one of them is phoenix. Phoenix is also called rainbow bird. Phoenix could make the host have the ability to fly and also gave him fire to attack, was the best among the strong attack type of martial soul.

Purple light came out of the pangpang one, his short hair grew and gathered at the center. There were no wings, but as the light came out, it brought strong heat. two yellow soul rings rose underneath his feet. His arms grew long feathers, hands turned into talons.

Looking at him, Xiao Wu laughed,’ Are there any phoenix this fat? I think you look like a mud chicken. ‘
Ma Hongjun does look funny. Round body, with purple feathers, hair standing, nobody would believe he was phoenix. He looked like a fat hen.

Ma Hongjun seemed as if he was touched reversed scale. ‘who do you say is mud chicken?’ he lifted two hands, the first soul ring lit and opened his mouth, a thin purple fire welled out towards Xiao Wu.

The heat twisted the air, the purple fire did not seem intense was like a fire line in the air spreading.

‘Be careful’ Tang San waved his right had, a blue vine wrapped Xiao Wu’s waist and dragged towards him, avoiding the fire from Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun did not seem to let them go, the fire kept at 5 meter length, and whipped towards Xiao Wu horizontally, like a fire weapon.

Tang San dragged Xiao Wu and backed up fast, and several blue silver grass extended out along the ground. He found the weakness of the fire, it seemed to be high temperature, but it could only attack things within 5 meters. If he could control his movement, he should be able to win.

As he thought, when Ma Hongjun wanted to follow up with his attack, he found his feet stiff, two legs were entangled by the blue silver grass. He was pinned at the legs, and felt numb.

Ma Hongjun was surprised and lowered his head and saw the wrapping blue silver grass and used his second soul ring skill.

‘Peng’ intense purple fire burned from his body. His fat body imploded and extended, the fire spread and the blue silver grass touched the fire and was burned up into ashes instantly.

Seeing this, Tang San was surprised, he knew that Ma Hongjun’s martial soul was his nemesis.

Blue silver grass became stronger with two soul rings, but as a plant, it was still afraid of fire.

Ma Hongjun with purple fire all over his body looked more majestic, angry fire in the eyes, he strode towards Tang San and Xiao Wu, with fire in his mouth, like the god of fire.

‘let me go,’ Tang San did not manage to hold Xiao Wu back, she already jumped out. Hairy bunny ears shaking as she rushed forward, red light around her body, soul force released.

Tang San’s ten fingers shook, with several dark weapons in hand, eyes looked purple, if he thought Xiao Wu would be in danger, he would attack.

this pangpag one although had a strong martial soul, but Tang San knew his soul force was below him, would not be able to block his dark weapons.

Ma Hongjun saw Xiao Wu rushing towards him, and released a fire line towards her, the fire line drew a circle, blocked all the way Xiao Wu could forward.

Ma Hongjun thought, ‘bad girl, dare to say I am mud chicken, if i did not let you see some color I am not evil-fire phoenix, but she was hot, I should not burn her broken ‘ as he was thinking, the fire was weakened a bit, enough to hurt her, but not fatal.

Xiao Wu felt the temperature was lowered, and knew pangpang one was lenient. she decided to be mercy as well.

As Ma Hongjun thought Xiao Wu would get hurt by his first soul ring skill phoenix fire line, her body was curled up and twisted in a way that human could not, and squeezed herself between the gap of the fire line and as she stretched out, she was by the side of him.

What kind of strength Xiao Wu had? Tang San could at most tie her without dark weapon, that was when he was able to prevent her from nearing him.

Although Ma Hongjun’s second soul ring skill phoenix in the fire was skill with defense and attack in all directions, but Xiao Wu released all his soul force, she could defend it for a little while.

When Tang San saw Xiao Wu near Ma Hongjun, he put back his dark weapons. There was no doubt about the result of this fight.


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