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Evil-fired Phoenix (4)

January 24, 2013


As expected, Xiao Wu did not leave Ma Hongjun any chance to react, she turned and went behind him, two hands pushed the ground, the the two feet swing to his neck, the first soul ring skill waist bow, in action.

Xiao Wu’s body was like an arc bow, the light of the first soul ring covered the whole body, and her body was like a full-moon bow, throw Ma Hongjun’s body out.

The effect of waist bow: instantly increase the force of the waist by 100%, increase the flexibility by 50%, after lvl 10 soul force, each lvl improve the effect by additional 1%.

That is to say, now Xiao Wu can increase her waist force by 119%. The flexibility was able to throw anybody with less than lvl 50 if the opponent was not focusing on force. Of course, although the skill was good, but it could only work if she was close to the opponent. It is hard to imagine that Xiao Wu’s waist that was thinner than Ma Hongjun’s thigh could exert such huge elastic force.

Since Ma Hongjun lowered the temperature of his fire, Xiao Wu was also restraining herself, did not throw Ma Hongjun towards the ground, but throw him towards the air, so he could control his body in the air.

But of course she overestimated Ma Hongjun’s ability to control his body, this pangpang one flipped in the air without any beauty and still fell on the ground with butt first, losing idea of who he was.

‘Dont fight, stop fighting. ‘ Cuihua suddenly said, and ran over towards Ma Hongjun. The fire on him seemed to be put out by the fell, he climbed up from the ground.

Cuihua pat the dust off Ma Hongjun, ‘How are you?’

Ma Hongjun snorted, ‘ i am not dead yet, little bunny, more.’

Xiao Wu suddenly jumped up, and kicked both her shoes out. Although she used soul force to defend most of the second soul ring skill of Ma Hongjun, phoenix in fire, but the shoes on the feet that she used to press his neck still touched on those purple fire.

What surprised Xiao Wu was that the purple fire felt sticky and did not run out. She had to kick her shoes out and stood there bare feet.

‘Cuihua, what are you doing?’ Seeing Cuihua caring for Ma Hongjun, Xiao Wu could not comprehend, she thought pangpang one was bullying her…

Cuihua begged,’ please stop fighting, Ma Hongjun was a nice guy, it is just that we are not suitable for each other, so we have to break up, you should leave, we will talk it through. ‘

Ma Hongjun was angry, ‘stop minding my business, go away, ‘ and he pushed Cuihua away and wanted to rush towards Xiao Wu, but he did not want to burn Cuihua, he did not use his second soul skill.

At this time, a surprised voice came from afar, ‘Tang San, pangpang, whar are you doing?’

Tang San and Ma Hongjun turned to looked at where the voice was from, and saw Dai Mubai in white with neat hair style walking towards them.

Xiao Wu snorted, ‘what are we doing? you ask him, this pangpang was bullying girls underneath the Sun. we could not see it and wanted to teach him a lesson.’

Dai Mubai could not help laughing, ‘ Xiao Wu, I think this is a misunderstanding, Cuihua, you could not bear him either?’

Cuihua’s face turned red and nodded and ran away, this time Ma Hongjun did not drag him and looked dispirited.

Tang San walked next to Dai Mubai, and asked in confusion, ‘ what is actually going on?’

Dai Mubai looked at pangpang and said, ‘you say yourself, or i can do it instead. ‘

Ma Hongjun glanced at Dai, and said, and lowered his head ‘you can say it.’

Dai laughed, ‘haha, pangpang one also knew to be shy, ok, I will say it. ‘

He turned to Tang San and Xiao Wu, ‘remember i told you that the school had only three students including me?’

Tang San understood immediately, ‘you are saying , he is…’

Dai nodded, ‘yes pangpang is the third, and the last one admitted before you. I did not see it with my own eyes but i could guess it, it was really not his fault, we had to blame his mud chicken martial soul.’

‘You are farting, your martial soul is mud chicken, mine is phoenix, even if all my ancestors are chicken, mine is phoenix, don’t you know the saying the golden phoenix from the grass nest?’

Dai continued laughing, ‘phoenix, ok, we counted as phoenix, Tang San, pangpang’s martial soul is strange, the president says his martial soul is a mutant.’

‘Mutant? Mutant from where?’ Tang San asked. He heard about mutant martial soul from Da Master. If martial souls mutant, there were only two cases, one is become extremely strong, the one is weakened. Da Master led a tough life because of the mutant. But Ma Hongjun’s martial soul was apparently mutant to be stronger.

Dai said, ‘not me, even himself did not know exactly. everybody’s martial soul from his village was a kind of poultry without attacking ability, but it mutant at his body, and had the fire born. Pangpang did not register by himself, the president found him from his village and brought him back. he should be the same age as you guys.

‘Because of the mutation, pangpang had really strong fire. the fire is very strange, not only high temperature, also sticky, hard to put out. president said his martial soul might really mutant to phoenix, but his martial soul had a huge drawback.The mutant changed his body, he became extremely strong in the thing between me and women, and ten times as impetuous as normal people. if only suppressed but not guided, he could exploded and died because of the evil fire.

Ma Hongjun added,’ Evil-fire cannot be suppressed.’


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