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Four eyed owl Frend (1)

January 24, 2013

Tang San and Xiao Wu were dazed. They looked strange. Although Tang San knew a lot about mutant. But like Ma Hongjun type, it was first time he heard about it. Pangpang if similar age like them, should be only 12. a 12 year old boy needed women so that he would not be back bitten by his martial soul. This was hard to imagine.
Dai continued, ‘ so this guy would always be horny to death, if not released, he would be dead already, although his martial soul was strong, but it was not easy to practice.

Xiao Wu frowned,’but, he should not scourge girls, that is hobo.’

Ma Hongjun was enraged,’ what scourge, we are both wanted, although i was very horny, but i did not force anybody, we were all willing, i am not hobo.’

Tang San looked at Dai Mubai.

Dai nodded,’ that was try, pangpang never forced others. Cuihua was his girlfriend. ‘
Xiao Wu snorted, ‘no forcing? then why she wanted to break up with him?’
Pangpang turned red and Dai Mubai also looked embarrassed.

Dai coughed, ‘because his evil fire was too often not suppressed, nobody could bear him wanting three or four times every day. so he changed a few girlfriend, and the result was all the same, he was always dumped, if not he was soul master, he probably had trouble to find a girl friend, saying that, nobody could compare with him in doing that, that is how he gets his nick name. evil-fire mud chicken.’

Ma hongjun corrected,’ evil-fire phoenix.’

Tang San said, ‘ no wonder the monster school, even this kind of martial soul exist. ‘
Xiao Wu turned red’ all kinds of people exist. ‘

Ma Hongjun stared at Dai Mubai, ‘ if i am like you and Oscar, with a playboy’s face, could have more than one girlfriends at once, i would not be like this. you dont have to be modest, dont you think i dont know you are dating several girls in one day. ‘

Dai Mubai looked around hastily, and lowered his voice ‘pangpang, you can eat randomly, no talking randomly, lower your voice.’

Ma Hongjun laughed, ‘ i thought you always treated at something you were proud of, what’s wrong today? take the wrong medicine?’
Dai Mubai stared him, ‘shut up, there are things you cannot say randomly, if you continue to dishonor me, dont blame me if I beat you up.’

Tang San asked, ‘Ma Hongjun, you have no girlfriend now, what are you going do? stop practicing?’

Ma Hongjun shrugged, ‘what can i do, my life is important, let’s ask president, see what method he has?’
Xiao Wu said, ‘where can we eat in the school, i am starved to death. ‘
Dai Mubai, ‘follow me’
Four people were back on campus, and Dai brought them to the dining hall. The so called dining hall, was just the agreement between the school and the village, and hired several villager to be in charge of the food. Although simple, but abundant, no problem to feed everybody full.
When get to the dining hall, Ning Rongrong and cold girl Zhu Zhuqing was already here. Zhu Zhuqing looked a bit pale but otherwise ok.
maybe because they jointed forces yesterday, they nodded to Tang San and Xiao Wu. Zhu was cold but Rongrong seemed amiable. looked really cute with two dimples.
Ma Hongjun looked at the two girls and swallowed.
Dai poked him, ‘behave yourself, control your evil fire.’
Ma Hongjun was angry, ‘why? you are going for them again? i say, even if you are the boss, you should leave your brothers some soup.’
Dai poked him again and steal a look at Zhu Zhuqing, who seemed not to looking at them, eating slowly, and still looked cold.

Xiao Wu sat next to Ning Rongrong and said with her with smile. From the way Ning Rongrong looked at Ma Hongjun, he knew they were talking about himself, he spent his anger on the breakfast.

Dai coughed, ‘Oscar was sleeping over again, he was always this lazy, except him I see we are full house. For the next a while, we will be together living and studying, let us introduce each other. this pangpang was the other student, Ma Hongjun, martial soul was mud.. no phoenix. ‘

As hearing phoenix, Zhu Zhuqing raised his head, and glanced and Ma Hongjun once, and her eyes looked colder when passing by Dai Mubai.

Ma Hongjun said, ‘oh, Dai, I heard the new students made Teacher Zhao at a disadvantage, who was that?’
Dai Mubai, ‘you already fought with him, you had good luck, did not receive Zhao’s treatment,’ and he pointed to Tang San.
Ma Hongjun looked at Tang San,’ that is not right, your soul force is more than me, but no that much you are not even lvl 30, how could you make Zhao at a disadvantage, he was lvl 76 soul saint. i dont believe this. ‘

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