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Princesses’ Tears

February 9, 2013

There once was a king who had three princesses. When they cried, their tears turned diamonds, and thus the king was really rich.


The princesses soon grew up and they were at the age to be married.


The eldest princess married a prince from the neighbouring country. She lived in the most grand palace and wore new jewelry every day. She became the queen and said to her cititzens that she was really happy.


The middle princess married an adventurer. She went to every single place she wanted to go in the world and took very happy pictures.


The youngest princess married a shepard.


After 10 years. The youngest princess started to get old, and had wrinkles on her forehead, her hands started to develop cocoons because of milking and shearing the wool every day.


The king asked her, ‘why dont you make your life better? one of your tears could hire some workers to do all this work for you and you can just enjoy life.’


Her shepard husband, while dumping the mash to the sheep, raised his eyes and looked at the king unbelievably, ‘but I will not want her to cry.’


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