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The Nine-tailed Cat

March 22, 2013

The cats were supposedly to have the potential to be very powerful. Their power were measured by the number of tails they had. At most they would have nine tails and a nine-tailed cat would be almost divine.

It was not easy for cats to gain their tails. First they needed to meditate to accumulate the power and faith for scores of years, and then they needed to fulfill a wish of their owners, if they succeeded they would gain a tail. And they meditated more. But this was not the obstacle.

There once was a cat who was very faithful and after hundreds of years of meditation and fulfilling wishes, she gained eight tails. But after she did her ninth wish (which was not hard for her, since she was so close to be goddess herself), she gained a tail, but she also lost one. So she remained eight tails. After thousand of years, she still had only eight tails. This frustrated the most powerful and faithful cat, she asked the God what was the point of this perpetual loop and when would she finally got her last tail. The God smiled at her, but with no answers.

It was another day, the eight-tailed cat was wandering around in the forest, she saw a youth surrounded by a pack of wolves and would die any second, she decided to drive away the wolves and saved the youngster. He happened to be one of the descendants of her first owner, so according to the tradition, she had to fulfill one of his wishes. That was very routine, so she asked, ‘what do you want?’ The youth looked at the fabled eight-tailed cat, ‘anything?’ the cat felt insulted,’yes, anything.’ The youth felt in thoughts but did not know what he wanted. So the cat turned herself into a normal one-tailed cat and followed him home.

Days had passed. The youth still did not ask her for anything. And he observed that the cat was always looking at the world with pitiful eyes and was in tranquillity all the time, deep sorrow buried in her eyes. So he asked and he learned the problem of the cat: the perpetual loop of the last tail.

Months had passed, the youth still did not ask anything. The cat became impatient, she would at least wanted to finish this one so she could fulfill more wishes so one day she would gain the last tail somehow. So she asked,’ what do you want?’ The youth said,’anything.’ She nodded impatiently.

The youth said very carefully word by word, ‘I wish you have your ninth tail.’

With disbelief in her eyes, she saw the last tail grew out of her, and it never fell off. And all her tails turned rainbow colored.


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