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The non-Prince Frog

March 22, 2013

There once was a very beautiful princess who was caught and taken away by a vicious demon. He kept her in a cage so she would grow fat and he could eat her some day. There was nothing in the cage besides a frog hopping around.

Nevertheless, with the help of the frog, the beautiful princess managed to breach the cage and escaped. She picked up the frog and wanted to kiss him for his help,

The frog suddenly started to talk, ‘But I am not a prince.’

The princess said, ‘ How does that matter?’

She kissed him and and turned into a female frog, and they lived happily ever after.

The next day, they were both on the table of the biology lab in the Frog University.

*note: I am from a very famous university in China whose name no foreigner can pronounce correctly, when a non-native speaker tried to say it, it sounds nothing but Frog University.

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