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Chores and Jewels

April 30, 2013

I guess I have been working too hard recently, so that my neck began to hurt and I spent most of the time lying in bed with my magic bag and Chinese romance novels. Since most of my work involves the usage of computer, which is not a great thing when you have a neck problem, I decided to tiny up the house a bit and wait for praises and kisses from my hubby.

My hubby came back around dinner time, I was lying in bed, pretending I was a corpse. Then it was dinner time. Hours passed, and then it was bed time. And my hopes were down and I became sad and enraged.

‘Honey, you are so non-observant, did not you see some changes in the house today?’ I began to complain.


‘Hey, dont you remember how the living room and kitchen looked like when you left? wawawa (I make pretending to cry sound)’

‘Oh…. I see. You are so non-observant as well!’

‘What? Did you secretly buy me huahua? (flower)’

‘No…’ He lifted the curtain, I saw nothing but darkness and trash waiting to be picked up.

‘what is it?’

‘I spent a whole hour picking leaves up, look, a whole bag of them. Of course you did not see them.. wawawa.’

‘I am neckless, what do you expect?’

‘Well, I am bracelet then. ‘



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