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The Thing I do for Love and Maybe More

November 12, 2013

When people asked me why I played Magic: The Gathering, a game where female players are more scarce than in physics department, maybe only mechanical engineering scares away more women.. I shrugged, and said, ‘ it is the thing I do for love’. referencing Jamie when he threw Bran out of the window.

It all started with a birthday gift. It was mentioned to me by my hubby, and after panic reading 11 pages of Wikipedia, a random combination of things were selected and put into cart and checked out. It was definitely the most successful birthday gift I ever came up with, since it stuck around for over 5 years now, and the follow-up investment is horrifying by the standard of a girl who preferred to scoop up non-designer clothes at clearance. It is surprising that the random collection I found actually was usable that very night. He was obviously excited and we began to play. It ended up with me almost crying after being beaten 8-2 as a fresh player by my hubby who was a returned player from almost 10 years ago. I had a solid belief for a long time that he just chose the weaker deck to give to me so he could beat me. But of course this was easily tested, we switched the decks and the same thing happened again. I still held my belief dearly and chose very cautiously when he asked me to help him to test decks.

It was obviously not a game for girls, since female players are more scarce than in physics department or in soccer. So I liked it… Somehow historically I preferred to play guys’ thing rather than learning about makeup(some of my attempts to wax leads to screams and mummifying and memo-like scars for ever. it is funny though I was invited to apply for a job to give a cosmetology lecture on hair and skin care because I was once a cosmologist.. ) and clothes (that is not the same as saying I don’t have a wardrobe of clothes). I was not great at it. I was not incompetent, but not great. But I stuck around, mostly because I’d rather go playing a game that I thought I did not like that much with my hubby than staying at home doing other things by myself. Hence, the thing I do for love. In Chinese idioms, it is called if I liked a room, I would also somehow liked the crow who made a residence underneath the roof.

Things got changed after I graduated from graduate school. I became a professional tutor, a job that was surprisingly intense, especially around the exam time. I began to look forward to Friday Magic Night, because that was one time that I could be sure that it was reserved and I did not have to teach. (Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching, but everything could be sometimes just too much.) I might also get better, somehow.. and started to win something occasionally, and found although the earnings are still more magic products, it nevertheless made me happy.

Being in a new environment probably helped my increasing devotion to magic, since I drifted apart from my friends because of the vast distance, and I was never the type to reaching out to meet new people. And meeting more students does not really help, albeit the fact I might be the most friend-like teacher they ever had, I was still closer to a mother-like figure by a long shot… So, most of the new people I meet are in this game, and it is a pretty good game to collect all the nerds together, of which type my friends are anyway.

So thanks to my new friends, who brought me more into this game, and be ware, you might wake the dragon and faced a more ferocious opponent than ever.

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