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A Complete Guide to A Perfect Canoe Trip –Chapter One

July 17, 2014

We have been doing the annual canoe trip on Algonquin for five times.

And finally I can truly enjoy my hubby’s famous quote, “Suffer is Enjoy. The more suffer, the more enjoy.”

Chapter one is completely devoted to the people who are like me that are loved by mosquitoes so much and react so furiously that the swelling bites could change the floatability…. So you could totally skip ahead to the next section if you want. But if you are not afraid of mosquitoes, your trip is already perfect, so just relax (or suffer, depending on who are your teammates), and enjoy the beautiful view. (On a completely different note, my mom claimed the biggest difference between Canada and U.S. is that Canada has no trees, — well, she came in end of April, which is still our third winter here–well, I feel for each other season, there is a winter–so trees are all bald and invisible to her. Then we are very offended and take her to algoquin, and pointed out that the only reason Canada has no trees is because all the trees are blocked by forests.)

First: get a mosquito net (mine covers from face all the way to waist), which i call a jungle gear (I think I get this term from somebody else, but never figure out from whom.) Although this time I am at the best protection against these aweful creatures, (what, you said blackflies, I hope in my entire life I will never have the honor to meet them, ever), my face is completely covered in bites and make a really good photo for my access card to my workplace.. That is the result of hoping some portages have few mosquitoes. I should have never had that kind of unrealistic day dreaming…

Second: Take an generic allergy pill every day. I have a theory that the ichiness is proportional to the area of infection, and if each of ther decide to swell into bowl size, I feel I could have been bitten by a bear and felt better, (hubby: really? Me: yes! at least i would not be simulatenously suffering from multiple bites from multiple bears.  hubby: that is a very rare event in a person’s life time, and shortens the life time to seconds as well…)

Third: coverage, multiple layers, and light, hard to pierce techware clothes. light, did I say light? I know we all love black yoga pants that are perfectly comfy, but they are actually designed by mosquitoes!: the pants attract the mosquitoes and provide nothing but false hope that the coverage will prevent the bites, but they are so thin and they dont.

And now we can move onward to something more interesting in the next chapter, food, perhaps?

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