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A Complete Guide to A Perfect Canoe Trip –Chapter Two

July 20, 2014

Food! Yeppy! Actually the post canoe trip all you can eat sushi is one of the reasons that I survived some of the previously mosquito darking the sky trips.

What to eat on the canoe trip? First thing first, it is a trip involving carrying all the things on the back and carry between 60 to 2000 meters multiple times. Let us be realistic and define the heaviness of the food by the weight per 100 calories and we want to carry as little as possible (if you like to challenge yourself, go ahead, there are 5k portage out there, but i prefer to take the absolutely minimum weight with me.) So the lightest objects we could carry would be the beautiful NUTELLA, (for mere 20g you can get 100 calories, a lot of milleage, isn’t it?)  followed by peanut butter and nuts and cheese. So dense bread (not the ones full of air that you can easily squeeze down to one fist, get some nice artisan ones, we usually buy the dinner bread and i will something sweet for breakfast like banana bread) plus bread spread is probably going to make up most of the meals.

But that would be crazy! (Unless you are an even bigger fan of NUTELLA, i simply have to have some fun with the camp fire, FIRE!) And dinner, if we get to the camp site before dark without thunder storm following our butt (yes, that happened on our first trip..) is definitley the highlight of the trip after all those paddling and portaging.

Let us start with first day: if you wanna get something fancy like burgers and chicken wings (yes, we have done that as well, they were good, but then you find the bones are not worth carrying…now I am seriously thinking about steak.. feels like we can do anything on the camp fire and it will be good), or anything involving raw meat, if it is frozen, they are great for the first night, but i would not risk for other days. Here is a hint for burgers, especially those cheese infused ones, (nomnomnom), wait until it is almost cooked and become stuck together before you flip them, or else you might find it falling apart and falling through the grill and become fuels..

For the rest of the days, our favorite is definitely sausages (cooked), they taste absolutely amazing. We have also tried pasta, gnocci and coucous before. Pasta is nice and also it yields a lot, but it usually takes a long time to cook pasta, and also we have to carry the veggies which are not very energy efficient. So basically we stick with sausages. Then we can have all sorts of sides: corns and sweet potatoes are awesome, we wrap sweet potates in foil, but you might be able just bury them in ashes and dig them out later, have not tried potatoes yet, but i heard they are good. Instant noodle soup can be any meal. At first when I make these suggests, my hubby look very suspicious, and then he is persuaded everything taste good on camp fire.. so he went ahead with pickles, well… they still tasted like pickles, somehow camp fire did not improve the taste..

And of course we have s’mores… we just found out the jumbo mashmallow worked even better, you could use the outside layer to make s’more and eat the inside.

Besides above, we still carry some bananas (if not consumed first couple days, would automatically turn into smoothie) and apples to get some freshness, horrible in terms of calorie weight ratio, but we all need some fruit.

So that is about it, next chapter would be on the wrath of the algoquin god.

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