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Spikier and spikier — living in a dream

March 16, 2015

Rumors are that there coexist three type of magic players: spiky, Timmy/Tammy, and Jani,

I began the journey of getting stuck of the abyss of attractive potential of this game as yet the other type: “the thing I do for love” (as I would prefer to tag along to the tournament instead of staying at home alone.) and the type that just like to open packs (It is definitely a kind of lottery… but at least I get the enjoyment of playing with what I pull for quite some time).

Very occasionally I might home brew a deck, with the sole purpose to beat my husband’s deck and disregard all the other possible overwhelmingly bad matchups. So I guess I am sort of Jani as I don’t like to find a decklist and tweak it to perfection.

Moving to a more competitive environment and starting to win some prizes at Friday night magic (My major involvement in this game) has changed me. I become spikier.

My husband has always been spiky. It is like I am married to a cactus and become Mrs. cactus and start to grow my own needles.

Prized at a grand prix with very narrow margin after my opponent called a judge for 12 minutes because I did not reveal my morph on time. I found the following conversation very amusing,

Judge: “Is your sole intention to give your opponent a game loss?”

My opponent replied in French and all the rest of the conversation is in French. So I never knew the answer.

I ended up getting ruled in favor, as he called the judge one minute too early. But I finally learned the lesson and began to play as a grown-up and seriously pulled the card out of sleeve and such.

No, I never wanted to be that spiky.

I think I want to be more like a rose, with needles to protect myself. Understand the rules better, so that if I have encountered an opponent that would try to win the games without using the magic cards even, I wouldn’t have done anything wrong to provoke that.

I knew I was getting spikier: began to dream one day I could go to the pro tour.

I stopped being upset if my lost is not related to my game play.

I started to think about my possible misplays even if they did not cost me the game.

I decided to stay in the main event even if I was out of the day 2 requirement because I wanted to train my stamina, to be able to make judgements when I am tired.

I decided to play in the sunday super series even though it is another 9 rounder and the prize was not ideal. (the fact that I ended up open the most expensive card in the set and ended up dropping and wacky drafted the rest of the day was another story, not that spiky yet.)

But, yes, I began to be thirsty for victory. Just being the lucky girl opening value cards does not satisfy me  enough any more.

I am living in a dream now, a dream that I will need to force myself to learn how to play constructed.

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