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March 21, 2016

So we are doing this “landing” thing. The bear (my husband) was a little freaking out as the process had been too long. We parked at the hotel and decided to cross the bridge on foot, why not, we have never done that. So we walked to the bridge and enter the room to leave Canada. Then an automatic “turn-style” stopped us. Because it needs 50 cents to operate and it only takes quarters. Luckily there is a change machine. Then we realized it only takes up to 10 dollar bills and we only have 20s on us. We are left in the despair that we might get stuck in this tiny room for ever until a young couple showed up. “Do you have changes for a 20?” They shook their head and turned their toonie into quarters. I must have looked so desperate, the kind couple just gave the dollar the have left for us. “Without me, we will never get out of this room.”I turned to the bear. “Well, every 10 minutes someone passes by, and 30% chance they can break a 20..”.

So we got on the bridge, what a view. “Find me a mailbox.””What?””If I mail this ballet in U.S. I save 1 dollar”. “Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to find a mailbox for you?””You have to, and I looked it up online, they are supposed to be everywhere” Then we walked and walked, and realized random walking until a mailbox suddenly turns up is not the best way to go. Then I see an arcade building, under despair, I walked in up to the owner, “Excuse me, this might sound a very bizarre question, but do you know where the nearest mailbox is?” He looked at  me as if I am crazy. I pointed to the bear, “He has a ballet to mail in to vote, then we can go back to Canada.” Apparently all Americans living in Canada drive up to the border to vote. he nodded and understood, “I can look it up for you”. “Getting out the building, turn right and then left on the third street, according to google, that is the nearest mailbox.” So we followed the direction and found the mailbox. And I could see the overjoy on the bear’s face when he dropped the envelop in. “Hubby, without me, you will never ask anybody for directions and never find the mailbox by just random walking”,”In 2d…”,”Oh my god, you are the cutest”

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