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Left behind

March 27, 2016

We went back to the garden we got married. It was beautiful as ever. After a long walk, we decided to head back. Mom said, do you guys want to come with us to do some grocery shopping? My hubby shook his head vigorously. “Ok, you go with the other car then, the other guys just went into the restroom, wait here and make sure you watch carefully. There are a lot of people here.” We waited and waited. At some point it became awkward, so I went into the women’s bathroom and looked for the girl, there was nobody. Then my hubby went into the guys’ bathroom and found no one we knew either. “We had two options, we could run to the parking lot really fast and hope they hadn’t left yet, or..””It is not that far, we could just walk back.””sure, whatever my honey says””But I don’t know the direction.””There is no free wifi here.””Maybe the giftshop has a map.”But they don’t.The information desk might have one, but they are behind the ticket office, so we have to ask them to hold my hubby as a hostage and I can go in to get the map. But the map is not detailed enough at all. “Let us just go.” So we went out of the garden and we were on this long road and we picked a random direction. “That gas station might have a map.” We started walking, half-way before the gas station, my hubby murmured”I am 70% confident that we are in the wrong direction.” But I guess we still walked to the gas station, and found they did not have a map. We walked out and my hubby was a little anxious, “Are you sure you don’t want me to ask for directions?”, “no, they would not know.”. Let us just turn back, and we passed by a university. “Hey, there is free wifi here.” So we found the direction and were heading back on freeways. “Hubby, without me, what is your strategy this time?””Well, I knew the first turn was within three blocks, and then it was again within three blocks, so at most I would be three times off, on average, I would be only two times off…””Oh, hubby, you are the cutest”

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