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Why parents are willing to pay me 100 dollars per hour to learn high school math?

April 27, 2016

After my success in tutoring business, by success I meant I am without doubt the best tutor in the surrounding region, and i charge twice as much as the second best tutor, and I have to spend lots time to write rejection emails. And each time I wrote one rejection email I increase the price and there are sometimes people who are willing to pay be 100 dollars for an hour to learn high school math or calculus one.

Why do the parents think I worth that much money? Do I? Personally speaking, if only counting on the knowledge and ability to teach, probably not, I also feel sometimes I am really overpaid, but hey, I will take the cash if I spend absolutely zero time to prepare even if my schedule is way too full.

Before I actually say that why I feel I worth more than what I am paid. I should give some general advice on how to become an adequate tutor.

1)Be patient, always praise your student, if you want to make any negative comment on your student, think three times more, and do not make it

2)Demand might increase with price if you can back it up.

2.1) Do not work for tutoring companies.

3) Treat your first few students as if they are your god. Because they are going to write the first few reviews.

4) I in general do not ask people to write reviews. No news is good news.

5)Be brave, you will be surprised what a physicist can teach.

5.1) Be careful, MBAs are much easier to teach than grade 9 kids.

6) Have fun. (but this is the most important)

but the truth is you need motherly love…. so I am sure even if someone learns all the above, if they are in the same city with me….good luck.

because I think I am truly talented to provide motherly love to my students.

suppose a zombie is brought in front me, and said this was my student, I will be able to put a helmet up and protect myself from being D-braned, and said, oh, you are the cutest zombie I have ever seen, what you would like me to teach you.

And this is something I, and only I can do,  so I dont think they are paying too much. They are paying way too little, they are not just paying for the best tutor, they are paying for the best tutor who is able to treat their child as her own the instant they met.

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