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Girls’ five sexiest instants v.s. Guys’


1 Just after shower, with water dripping off her hair.

2 When she is looking at you adoringly.

3 Crossing her arms in front of her chest.

4 Wearing her sweetheart’s shirt.

5 Preparing a table of dinner for her lover


1 Washing dishes after breakfast

2 Washing dishes after lunch

3 Washing dishes after dinner

4 Washing dishes after midnight snack

5 “Honey, leave it there, I will wash it later.”


Spikier and spikier — living in a dream

Rumors are that there coexist three type of magic players: spiky, Timmy/Tammy, and Jani,

I began the journey of getting stuck of the abyss of attractive potential of this game as yet the other type: “the thing I do for love” (as I would prefer to tag along to the tournament instead of staying at home alone.) and the type that just like to open packs (It is definitely a kind of lottery… but at least I get the enjoyment of playing with what I pull for quite some time).

Very occasionally I might home brew a deck, with the sole purpose to beat my husband’s deck and disregard all the other possible overwhelmingly bad matchups. So I guess I am sort of Jani as I don’t like to find a decklist and tweak it to perfection.

Moving to a more competitive environment and starting to win some prizes at Friday night magic (My major involvement in this game) has changed me. I become spikier.

My husband has always been spiky. It is like I am married to a cactus and become Mrs. cactus and start to grow my own needles.

Prized at a grand prix with very narrow margin after my opponent called a judge for 12 minutes because I did not reveal my morph on time. I found the following conversation very amusing,

Judge: “Is your sole intention to give your opponent a game loss?”

My opponent replied in French and all the rest of the conversation is in French. So I never knew the answer.

I ended up getting ruled in favor, as he called the judge one minute too early. But I finally learned the lesson and began to play as a grown-up and seriously pulled the card out of sleeve and such.

No, I never wanted to be that spiky.

I think I want to be more like a rose, with needles to protect myself. Understand the rules better, so that if I have encountered an opponent that would try to win the games without using the magic cards even, I wouldn’t have done anything wrong to provoke that.

I knew I was getting spikier: began to dream one day I could go to the pro tour.

I stopped being upset if my lost is not related to my game play.

I started to think about my possible misplays even if they did not cost me the game.

I decided to stay in the main event even if I was out of the day 2 requirement because I wanted to train my stamina, to be able to make judgements when I am tired.

I decided to play in the sunday super series even though it is another 9 rounder and the prize was not ideal. (the fact that I ended up open the most expensive card in the set and ended up dropping and wacky drafted the rest of the day was another story, not that spiky yet.)

But, yes, I began to be thirsty for victory. Just being the lucky girl opening value cards does not satisfy me  enough any more.

I am living in a dream now, a dream that I will need to force myself to learn how to play constructed.

Hole in the Ground

Q: If you jump into a hole in the ground that is hundreds of meters deep, what shall you do to get out?

A: I will need a needle to drill a hole in my head, and let the water flow out until the hole is filled, then I can swim out.

Q:Why is there so much water in your head?

A: If there isn’t, why would I be jumping in the hole in the first place?

Love and Marriage

Boy: So what kind of person you want to marry?

Girl: If I love him, I will marry him even if he is only a millionaire. I don’t like him, if he is a billionaire, I will marry him.

Boy: So all in all, you want to marry somebody rich. What about me?

Girl: You? As long as you can feed me full.

Boy: Do you eat much?

Girl: No, just a little.

A Complete Guide to A Perfect Canoe Trip –Chapter Two

Food! Yeppy! Actually the post canoe trip all you can eat sushi is one of the reasons that I survived some of the previously mosquito darking the sky trips.

What to eat on the canoe trip? First thing first, it is a trip involving carrying all the things on the back and carry between 60 to 2000 meters multiple times. Let us be realistic and define the heaviness of the food by the weight per 100 calories and we want to carry as little as possible (if you like to challenge yourself, go ahead, there are 5k portage out there, but i prefer to take the absolutely minimum weight with me.) So the lightest objects we could carry would be the beautiful NUTELLA, (for mere 20g you can get 100 calories, a lot of milleage, isn’t it?)  followed by peanut butter and nuts and cheese. So dense bread (not the ones full of air that you can easily squeeze down to one fist, get some nice artisan ones, we usually buy the dinner bread and i will something sweet for breakfast like banana bread) plus bread spread is probably going to make up most of the meals.

But that would be crazy! (Unless you are an even bigger fan of NUTELLA, i simply have to have some fun with the camp fire, FIRE!) And dinner, if we get to the camp site before dark without thunder storm following our butt (yes, that happened on our first trip..) is definitley the highlight of the trip after all those paddling and portaging.

Let us start with first day: if you wanna get something fancy like burgers and chicken wings (yes, we have done that as well, they were good, but then you find the bones are not worth carrying…now I am seriously thinking about steak.. feels like we can do anything on the camp fire and it will be good), or anything involving raw meat, if it is frozen, they are great for the first night, but i would not risk for other days. Here is a hint for burgers, especially those cheese infused ones, (nomnomnom), wait until it is almost cooked and become stuck together before you flip them, or else you might find it falling apart and falling through the grill and become fuels..

For the rest of the days, our favorite is definitely sausages (cooked), they taste absolutely amazing. We have also tried pasta, gnocci and coucous before. Pasta is nice and also it yields a lot, but it usually takes a long time to cook pasta, and also we have to carry the veggies which are not very energy efficient. So basically we stick with sausages. Then we can have all sorts of sides: corns and sweet potatoes are awesome, we wrap sweet potates in foil, but you might be able just bury them in ashes and dig them out later, have not tried potatoes yet, but i heard they are good. Instant noodle soup can be any meal. At first when I make these suggests, my hubby look very suspicious, and then he is persuaded everything taste good on camp fire.. so he went ahead with pickles, well… they still tasted like pickles, somehow camp fire did not improve the taste..

And of course we have s’mores… we just found out the jumbo mashmallow worked even better, you could use the outside layer to make s’more and eat the inside.

Besides above, we still carry some bananas (if not consumed first couple days, would automatically turn into smoothie) and apples to get some freshness, horrible in terms of calorie weight ratio, but we all need some fruit.

So that is about it, next chapter would be on the wrath of the algoquin god.

A Complete Guide to A Perfect Canoe Trip –Chapter One

We have been doing the annual canoe trip on Algonquin for five times.

And finally I can truly enjoy my hubby’s famous quote, “Suffer is Enjoy. The more suffer, the more enjoy.”

Chapter one is completely devoted to the people who are like me that are loved by mosquitoes so much and react so furiously that the swelling bites could change the floatability…. So you could totally skip ahead to the next section if you want. But if you are not afraid of mosquitoes, your trip is already perfect, so just relax (or suffer, depending on who are your teammates), and enjoy the beautiful view. (On a completely different note, my mom claimed the biggest difference between Canada and U.S. is that Canada has no trees, — well, she came in end of April, which is still our third winter here–well, I feel for each other season, there is a winter–so trees are all bald and invisible to her. Then we are very offended and take her to algoquin, and pointed out that the only reason Canada has no trees is because all the trees are blocked by forests.)

First: get a mosquito net (mine covers from face all the way to waist), which i call a jungle gear (I think I get this term from somebody else, but never figure out from whom.) Although this time I am at the best protection against these aweful creatures, (what, you said blackflies, I hope in my entire life I will never have the honor to meet them, ever), my face is completely covered in bites and make a really good photo for my access card to my workplace.. That is the result of hoping some portages have few mosquitoes. I should have never had that kind of unrealistic day dreaming…

Second: Take an generic allergy pill every day. I have a theory that the ichiness is proportional to the area of infection, and if each of ther decide to swell into bowl size, I feel I could have been bitten by a bear and felt better, (hubby: really? Me: yes! at least i would not be simulatenously suffering from multiple bites from multiple bears.  hubby: that is a very rare event in a person’s life time, and shortens the life time to seconds as well…)

Third: coverage, multiple layers, and light, hard to pierce techware clothes. light, did I say light? I know we all love black yoga pants that are perfectly comfy, but they are actually designed by mosquitoes!: the pants attract the mosquitoes and provide nothing but false hope that the coverage will prevent the bites, but they are so thin and they dont.

And now we can move onward to something more interesting in the next chapter, food, perhaps?

The Thing I do for Love and Maybe More

When people asked me why I played Magic: The Gathering, a game where female players are more scarce than in physics department, maybe only mechanical engineering scares away more women.. I shrugged, and said, ‘ it is the thing I do for love’. referencing Jamie when he threw Bran out of the window.

It all started with a birthday gift. It was mentioned to me by my hubby, and after panic reading 11 pages of Wikipedia, a random combination of things were selected and put into cart and checked out. It was definitely the most successful birthday gift I ever came up with, since it stuck around for over 5 years now, and the follow-up investment is horrifying by the standard of a girl who preferred to scoop up non-designer clothes at clearance. It is surprising that the random collection I found actually was usable that very night. He was obviously excited and we began to play. It ended up with me almost crying after being beaten 8-2 as a fresh player by my hubby who was a returned player from almost 10 years ago. I had a solid belief for a long time that he just chose the weaker deck to give to me so he could beat me. But of course this was easily tested, we switched the decks and the same thing happened again. I still held my belief dearly and chose very cautiously when he asked me to help him to test decks.

It was obviously not a game for girls, since female players are more scarce than in physics department or in soccer. So I liked it… Somehow historically I preferred to play guys’ thing rather than learning about makeup(some of my attempts to wax leads to screams and mummifying and memo-like scars for ever. it is funny though I was invited to apply for a job to give a cosmetology lecture on hair and skin care because I was once a cosmologist.. ) and clothes (that is not the same as saying I don’t have a wardrobe of clothes). I was not great at it. I was not incompetent, but not great. But I stuck around, mostly because I’d rather go playing a game that I thought I did not like that much with my hubby than staying at home doing other things by myself. Hence, the thing I do for love. In Chinese idioms, it is called if I liked a room, I would also somehow liked the crow who made a residence underneath the roof.

Things got changed after I graduated from graduate school. I became a professional tutor, a job that was surprisingly intense, especially around the exam time. I began to look forward to Friday Magic Night, because that was one time that I could be sure that it was reserved and I did not have to teach. (Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching, but everything could be sometimes just too much.) I might also get better, somehow.. and started to win something occasionally, and found although the earnings are still more magic products, it nevertheless made me happy.

Being in a new environment probably helped my increasing devotion to magic, since I drifted apart from my friends because of the vast distance, and I was never the type to reaching out to meet new people. And meeting more students does not really help, albeit the fact I might be the most friend-like teacher they ever had, I was still closer to a mother-like figure by a long shot… So, most of the new people I meet are in this game, and it is a pretty good game to collect all the nerds together, of which type my friends are anyway.

So thanks to my new friends, who brought me more into this game, and be ware, you might wake the dragon and faced a more ferocious opponent than ever.

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